2018 World Energy Capital Assembly Speaker Presentations

Every year the Oil & Gas Council brings together international energy executives, investors and financers in London for the World Energy Capital Assembly. WECA is the largest conference in Europe dedicated to the capitalisation and development of the industry. It provides unrivalled access and introductions to global deal and market makers to help accelerate the development of the hydrocarbon industry.

Browse the presentations from our 2018 expert speakers.

Keith Hill, CEO, Africa Oil Corp

Expanding a Small-Cap to be a leader in Africa.

AJ Abdallat, CEO, Beyond Limits

Energy digitalization in oil and gas.

Frank Pluta, Industry Banker – Energy Group Head, Energy & Natural Resources, Natixis

Capital raisng in oil and gas – Reflections on private vs public equity in 2018.

James Shipka, COO, Touchstone Exploration Inc.

Onshore oil production in Trinidad.

Mathios Rigas, CEO, Energean Oil & Gas

Small and Mid-Cap oil and gas companies of the future.

Andy Spriggs, Managing Director, Rockflow Resources

Due diligence best practice in oil and gas.

Scott Aitken, CEO, Seapulse

The industrialisation of oil and gas exploration.

Gil Holzman, CEO, Eco Atlantic Oil & Gas

A spotlight on Guyana oil and gas and what to expect?

Graham Heath, Chief Financial Officer, i3 Energy

Unlocking material value in the UK North Sea through development.

Markus Naevestad, Partner, Rystad Energy

Global oil cycles – what to expect as the new normal?

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